We’re not dead yet…

Sorry we have been lame on the posting since we have been in New Zealand! We have been having such a great time exploring the country we haven’t had a chance to post as much as we want. We (not-as-cute-Lauren actually) am sitting in Auckland right now, while cuter Lauren is back in the states visiting family and friends. We have been lucky enough to have 4 of our friends come and visit us while we have been here as well.

My Friend Jared and I did the northern circuit hike around Mt Tongariro. I am not a huge LOTR geek, but I also believe some of you might know it as Mt Doom. It was a spectacular hike, and we were lucky enough to have great weather to do it in. I have seen more pictures of a rocky trail in the fog that the spectacular views that we saw.

We were originally planning on hiking around this and a second volcano, but my knee started bothering me and we decided to only do the first half of the trip since the second half had no easy outs in case it got worse.

We ended up back in Auckland a little earlier than expected, so went out sailing for a rum race instead. We even ended up winning a bottle of rum! Jared is out assisting the judging of a international match racing competition this weekend being put on my the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and I am getting some guitar time in.

We are almost up to date with getting photos uploaded onto the internet. We have uploaded over 2000 already and have about 500 more to go.  What we have can all be found here!



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