What is your itinerary?

Our itinerary can be greatly affected by how much fun we are having in a certain country.  We do have a plan, however, and it is the following:

  • Early September 2010: Leave Seattle and head south down the coast
  • October 25th2010: Depart San Diego on the Baja HaHa Cruisers Rally and arrive in Cabo
  • End of October 2010: Depart Cabo, Mexico and head south for Central and South America
  • Spring 2011: Leave Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and depart for the Marquesas Islands
  • Late October 2011: Depart for New Zealand
  • Mid February 2012: Depart for New Zealand and see where things go from there.

What is your budget?

This question gets asked a lot.  Since neither of us is independently wealthy or retired, we’ll be living very frugally.  Based upon talking to other cruisers who have done similar trips we estimate that our burn rate will be an average of $1500/mo.  Of course some places will be less expensive than others.  We estimate that New Zealand and Australia will be the most costly.

How long can you stay in each place?

The length we stay in each place will be determined by numerous factors.  The number one factor is how much fun we are having!  Remember that the length of a travel visa for US citizens in most countries is a maximum of 3 months, so we will be limited by that unless we are able to get an extension if needed.  We will definitely be in New Zealand a full three months while we wait out the cyclone season.

What is your longest ocean passage?

Our longest passage will be from the Galapagos to the Marquesas Islands.  Depending on the wind, we estimate it will take us three to four weeks depending on the weather.  The Trip back from Japan if we do it straight will be slightly longer if we decide not to stop over in Russia.

Will you stay on your boat the entire trip?

Yes, Piko will be our home.  However in New Zealand we may need to put her on land during the cyclone season during which we will make other arrangements such as backpacking or renting a Vanagon.

What will you do with all your belongings?

Both of us have gone through our items and have paired down to what is absolutely essential to keep (documents, family keepsakes, etc.).  We will rent a small storage unit while we are gone to keep anything we don’t take on Piko.


5 thoughts on “FAQ

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  2. Jeanne

    Dear Laurens, Dennis and I wish you guys the best adventure in the world. What a once in a lifetime event. Dennis had always wanted to do what you are doing, but we didn’t get the boat until after the kids and life was already pretty complicated by then.

    We just sold our sailboat this month! Now, onto making the barn into a giant studio/shop.

    I’m wrapping up my Master’s degree program in the next two weeks and will have my solo art show at the local city library for the month of August.
    If when passing Morro Bay, or Avila, if you have time and/or interest give us a call. We’d love to treat you to a lunch or dinner.

    Wishing you the best!

    Jeanne and Dennis

    • Lauren Buchholz

      Thanks, we will definitely look you up on the way down. We are basically planning on a non-stop trip to SFO from Seattle, and the slowly working out way down the coast from the bay to San Diego. We will be down in your area sometime late September to early October depending on the weather and where we are enjoying ourselves!

  3. Hey guys!
    Just caught your blog.
    We too are sailing down for the Baha in another week or so.
    We are currently in Charleston, Oregon.

    It would be great to link up and exchange thoughts.

    We are on a Vagabond 47 named Sundancer.

    Good luck on your trip and hope to see you out there.


  4. Lauren S.,

    I just went to your facebook page to send you a message because I haven’t seen you on in such a long time and I saw the link to your blog and here I’ve been reading about your adventure for the past half hour or so! I’m so excited for you. What an amazing trip this is going to be for you! I wish you all the best and I’ll be reading along as you post about each new place you land.

    Great luck to you and I’ll be sending lots of prayers up for great weather for you.


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