The Laurens


Who is Lauren Smith?

Raised in North Carolina, I ended up in Seattle in March 2006 and fell in love with Puget Sound’s amazing landscape.  Little did I know that I would fall in love with someone, and that we would have the same name and the same desire to travel around the world.

Even though I grew up on the North Carolina beaches, I had never been on a sailboat until Seattle.  Lauren B. showed me the ropes and I started on my way to becoming a sailor.  All of my sailing experience has been racing and cruising around the Puget Sound crewing on a couple other boats and mostly on Piko.

Outside of sailing and life on the water, my interests are social justice, travelling, the environment, wildlife conservation, painting, drawing, writing and making jewelry.

Who is Lauren Buchholz?

The second Lauren, and there have been times when there have been three to four of us all racing on the same boat, is originally from Madison Wisconsin.  Although I sailed a few times as a kid, I never really got into it until I moved to Seattle.  I did spend a lot of time outside as a kid, and have always loved nature.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, I moved out to the Northern Virgina/ Washington DC area working for a medium sized software company.  I spent a large amount of time as a consultant for them and spent a significant time on the road across the US and Western Europe.  I always have loved to travel, and while this was fun for a few years, I eventually wanted to get out of the east coast rat race.

I ended up moving to Seattle to work for a large Biotech company there on contract, but with no intention of leaving Seattle when the contract ended.  A friend of mine invited me out for a ‘Duck Dodge’ one evening, which is a crazy fun sailing race/party on Lake Union and I was hooked.  I spend a large amount of my time racing on other peoples boats, my primary boat right now being a 1D48 called Flash.  Then again, I also have been known to have IOR only weeks where I will sail on a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 2 tonner all in the same week (I really need to do a week where I can add the maxi in there as well!). I have raced all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada, and also in Antigua and Cowes recently with some of my buddies from here.

When I am not on boat, I enjoy the typical PacNW things such as climbing, snowboarding, biking, hiking etc.

Here is me on my other ride…


3 thoughts on “The Laurens

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  2. Wow! What a shot!

    Cool. 🙂

  3. virgie trent

    Thank heavens for blog, face book, and towards the Pacific. I am so glad to keep up with you two. I would like someplace to send something a little more personal. E-mail? Love you

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