Piko back in the news!

Well, I just saw a copy of the latest sail magazine and we have a nice little blurb in there about our trip to Tonga to see the country and do the cruising regatta in VaVa’u.




There is also a photo of Dilligaf, which is own by our friends Bill and Sue from Seattle.

We also are the background image for the pacific puddle jump website for this upcoming season.


How cool is that?

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4 thoughts on “Piko back in the news!

  1. flemming/varga

    lauren’s…congrats on your published events and conquests…impressive, and pics too…just got in to p.v. mexico a few days ago…super bowl with j.p. & janet….go racing the first time on sunday on bright star…good but not your good…be well and happy…hugs…vargag & suzanne

  2. Roger Cisl

    Things people do just to get their picture in print……



  3. Federico Prado

    So much fun. It’s snowing in DC…Glad all is going well and please keep us posted!

  4. We decided that this year’s puddle jump is featuring the Pretorien (because you are on the cover). Good year for us to go 😉

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