600 NM to go…

We are about half way there. This trip has been quite different that a usual crossing for us. We have had our motor on for porbably around 30 hours so far! The passage itself has been quite pleasant. We have had the kite up maybe 25% of the time, which for this particular trip is uncommon. The swell has also been very small, just staring to build recently from a huge low that is spinning off the tasman.

Our only mistakes so far have been we left with no dish soap, so we are having to use shampoo to clean our dishes. We are using more water than usual because of this, but we also have had a few hot showers as well, which is also a treat for us while underway. The only other thing is we are now officially out of ‘Chili Bites’ take-away. We did talk about turning around for more, but decided that we are now closer to Thai food in Whangarei than Indian in Lautoka…

more later…

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2 thoughts on “600 NM to go…

  1. gordon sims

    i can see you in me mind’s eye!

    • Larry and Karen Nelson

      We’re close on your tail. We are leaving Vava’u for Hapaii and Nukalofa on Tuesday. Then on to Opua. I hope the weather stays good. We’ll fill our fuel tank.

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