5 Things I will miss about Fiji

Piko will be heading to NZ within the next month.  After living in Fiji for what will be 5 months, here are the things I will miss the most:

1. Bula! (Fijian for “hello” and “welcome”) Everyone is so gracious, friendly and hospitable. The Fijians are lovely people.

2. The fruit – it literally falls from the trees.  Coconuts, papaya, mangoes, bananas all grow by the roadside.  Every time we visited a village or went on a hike with a local, they would find us a fresh coconut, husk it, cut a drinking hole in it and give it to us to drink.  Soooooo refreshing and so sweet.  Look how happy I am!










3. Inexpensive Indian food – $3-5 US for a plate of curry, rice, dahl, roti (like naan).  Our favorite place to is Chili Bites in Lautoka.

4. Village life – (see no. 1) One of the wonderful parts of traveling in a sailboat, is that you get to anchor in front of villages that cruiseships and resorts will never see. These villages welcome you into their community like you are one of their own – dinners, tea, talking, working on projects together…

5. Snorkeling – there is so much sea life, so much beautiful water that it is hard to NOT have a great snorkeling experience. Our two favorite spots were Alacrity Rocks, by Ono Island (off Great Astrolabe Reef) and the pass south of Manta Bay, in the Yasawa islands (right off the beach of the backpacker resort)

Vinaka vakalevu (Thank you very much), Fiji, for being such great hosts.  We will be back.


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3 thoughts on “5 Things I will miss about Fiji

  1. Guy Buell

    Thanks for the great posts Lauren and Lauren.

    It is always a pleasure to learn more about your journey.

    Guy Buell
    SV Airfare

  2. Carla and Doug

    Wonderful reminder of the amazing things that Fiji offers. Can’t wait to explore Fiji next year. Maybe we will see you there!

  3. I love following the two of you vicariously on your adventure. Thank you for sharing it. Fair winds & safe journey.

    Christine (former Last Tango crew member)

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