Happy Birthday!

We just realized a few nights ago that we just passed our second anniversary of leaving the dock in Seattle!  What a two years it has been.  We have met tons of interesting people, sailed a few miles, ate some great food, visited some magical place and look forward to more of all of those.  And to think when we left that we originally had planned on being back in Seattle in two years, and now I have a work Visa in New Zealand, and plan to renew the cruising kitty down there and continue on our voyage.

Also, having been on many different boats since we have left out here, I still don’t think I would change my decision on what boat to pick.  Sure, you always have 2 foot-itis, or maybe 7 ft, but in the same circumstances I can’t think of a better boat in the price range for being solid, fast, sea-kindly etc.  Thanks to Henri for making a great boat!


We had a really nice sail to Musket cove today.  There is a regatta going on, and we sailed through the fleet going the opposite direction with the kite up today in crystal clear blue water with the waves of tavarua in the background.  I can only remember ‘Old Milwaukee’ commercials where the slogan was ‘It doesn’t get any batter than this!’  And while I don’t have and old swil, I will raise a fiji bitter tonight in agreement…

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