350 Miles to go to Fiji

We had a great last night on Piko. The air is warm, the wind is from behind us, the swell is down. Taking a nap in the cockpit under a sky full of stars is something I have really missed since last season. The wind has continued to be light, and basically from dead behind us so we are having to gybe our way up into Fiji.

It is also amazing how much energy we have without a fridge to run! We added two more small panels to Piko while in Auckland, ones that we actually bought in Mexico before we built the arch, but have been carrying with us since in our sail locker. Between that, and the new batteries which charge more efficiently than the old ones, we literally could be selling energy to other nearby boats. Note, we will trade watt hours for cold beer right now!m đŸ™‚

Also, thanks to John and David with the Fiji Rally and Mike at Cater Marine in Opua. They have all be extremely helpful getting the part we suspect is causing the problem shipped to us in Fiji. I think that should be shipped out on monday hopefully and if all goes well, we will have ice again by the end of the week!

Time to gybe and put the kite up, we really should have last night as well, but sometime you sacrifice a little boat speed to sleep without worries in the cockpit. Yea, you heard me, I may have some regret, but we decided NOT to go fast last night.

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One thought on “350 Miles to go to Fiji

  1. flemming/varga

    hey, what’s the hurry…enjoy the stars and good luck with the fridge, the ice…cold beer, soon to follow…suzie and vargag

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