Almost to Minerva

We are about 10 miles away from the entrance to North Minerva reef. We decided to tke shelter there with a bunch of other boats on their way to Fiji to wait for better weather. The wind over the past 24 hours has switched to on the nose, andis supposed to be like there for the next few days. Right now, the forecast looks good for a friday-ish departure.

The crossing so far has been fine apart from our icebox deciding to take a holiday a few days back. we got some water on the unit during our crossing to Tonga last season, and I think it got splashed again and the little electronic control box died on us. Hopefully we can find ice from other boats in Miverva or throw our unspoiled stuff in another icebox for a few days.

Cute Lauren has been a little green for most of the passage. Even when the weather was good, we were still close reaching in 3M seas, which gets a bit bumpy.

We also just crossed tacks with Britannia about 30 minutes ago and they will be following us into Miverva shortly…

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3 thoughts on “Almost to Minerva

  1. flemming/varga

    hey guys…so nice to hear from you 2…it’s been a while and we had been wondering bout you and your adventure…sorry to hear about “green lauren”…poor girl…have a safe and fun crossing…look forward to more news when you get the chance…suzie flemming and vargag

  2. Rick northrup

    Great to read about your adventures again. cute Get Better Soon ! Rick northrup

  3. Hi Kids, so good to touch base. Sorry Sug is not feeling well. It happens.Tomorrow is another day that ain’t been tetched yet. Good luck on the rest of your trip. Love you .

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