We made it to New Zealand! Top 5 quotes from the crossing…

Well, we made it here! The Bay of Islands are beautiful. Here are the trips top 5 quotes, in no particular order.

1. “Lauren, wake up…the headsail is falling off the boat.” – Lauren girl
2. “&($(@&$&&&($$#@&*$!!dammit!” – Lauren boy
3. “Are you awake?” “Yeah” “Ok, I dreamt I woke you up three times already and I needed to make sure this is reality”
4. “Looks like the granny bars are leaking – there’s water coming down that might drip on your face.” – Lauren boy
5. “The rougher this trip is, the more awesome it will be when we get to New Zealand.” – Krister quoting Lauren girl back to Lauren girl. Thanks for the reminder, Krister!

We are so happy to be here and can’t wait to explore the islands

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6 thoughts on “We made it to New Zealand! Top 5 quotes from the crossing…

  1. Okay–so now you need to give the story behind each of those:) Are the Brittany’s in yet?

  2. nomadchica

    Hooray!!! Glad you made it! Am so looking forward to the updates and photos! 🙂

  3. gordon sims

    does this mean you’re not really nearby anymore?!

    congrats! you’ve been earning serious blue water sailor and cruiser points!

    wishing you the best, yer shipmate, g

  4. Federico

    Congratulations, that’s an awesome feat. Enjoy NZ!

  5. Rick Northrup

    Congrats on your great acheivement. I never doubted for a minute that you kids could do it. Rick N from Morningstar 09/10

  6. Lauren girl – just found out from your grandmother Smith and Aunt Amy that you’re on this fantastic trip. I’m your aunt Charlotte (Shotz) – I was married to David Smith and Davo is my son – your cousin. What an awesome trip – I would say I wish I was you but I get slightly seasick! We live on the water in Port Charlotte, FL. The last time we saw you was at a Christmas get together at your dad’s home. You must be thrilled to be doing this trip and especially with someone you are such good friends with – have to be to be stuck in the middle of the ocean. Swimming with those whales had to be the thrill of a lifetime. Be safe and hope to see you both sometime in the future. Home phone is 941-350-7881 – email is bush912@comcast.net.

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