Almost there…

It has been a wet and bouncy day so far, and sadly we lost our borrowed surf board overboard sometime really early this morning. The winds have been in the high teens to low all day and we are beating into it to get to NZ. The swell has also increased over the last few hours and Piko is a little more damp than usual. She is usually a pretty dry boat, but the dorades to drip a bit when we take a wave over the boat and we have a few small drip leaks here and there that have both of us annoyed at this point. I am downloading the latest forecast right now, but if the one from yesterday proves true, the wind should back off a bit over the next 6 hours or so which hopefully will decrease the swell and increase our speed. That would be great, since it will get us in around lunch time rather than dinner time at our current speed.

Hopefully our next message will be sent when we are in site of land tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Almost there…


    Reef her down lads, Reef her down and go!
    Cheering you on.

  2. nomadchica

    Fingers crossed — hope you make it there soon…and hope Piko dries off a bit in the meanwhile! đŸ™‚

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