Still in Tonga

Sorry we have been quiet lately! We have been enjoying Tonga immensly, but have been at remote and secluded anchorages without email for most of that time. I also ended up delivering a boat for a good friend of ours from Tonga to New Zealand two weeks back or so. Our friend got a staph infection in his leg from a scrape while diving and ended up in the hospital for almost two weeks of IV antibiotics and didn’t have enough time to sail his boat to NZ before his daughters wedding. So I and another friend delivered his boat for him and are now back in Tonga awaiting weather for our own trip.

More soon, we promise!

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4 thoughts on “Still in Tonga

  1. Federico Prado

    Yes, was worried about you guys because I had not heard anything from you in a while. So does that mean you’ll do the Tonga-New Zealand trip by sea twice? Glad to hear all is well.

    Please keep us posted and best regards,

  2. SamS

    We are greatly relieved to learn that you have not been consumed by cannibals!

  3. gordon sims

    glad to hear you’ve been “off the grid”….seems that’s gotta be an important part of your voyage! but am glad to get good news of you, too.

    good fortune on your passage.


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