Regatta Vava’u update

Piko took second in class for the regatta in light and trying conditions. At least the crew was having a great time. We barely made it out though since I was replacing the luff tape on our sail which we tore earlier and we hooked coral and had to dive our anchor to leave!

We then had a great party on the beach that night for the full moon, or at least one of the Lauren’s did. Cute Lauren was a little tired after dinner, so she decided to take a nap and join us later, since we knew the party was going to be going until late. I dinghy-pooled with Britannia to the party. The party itself was pretty wild, it had a good DJ on a cool beach, lots of people all dressed up and wired up with glowing costumes etc. There also was some local dancers and fire dancers there as well. The ironic part of the story is cute Lauren woke up around 11, later than she had intended to sleep. She heard one of her favorite Prince songs (I think he is Prince again) and decided to get a dressed up and to take the dingy into shore to find us. She gets about 3/4 of the way in and runs the outboat onto a shallow reef, not knowing there was a specific channel to get in. She ended up having to get out of the dinghy and drag is over the coral since she didnt want to use the engine in fear of breaking a prop. So, in her cute little black dress, was wading mid thigh deep in the water to the beach. Then she couldn’t get the engine to flip up to bring it all the way up the beach. After finally getting the dinghy tied up, she starts looking for us and can’t find us, but decided to dance a little bit and look for us in a bit. After THAT song, they come on the mike and say the music is over. Tonga is quite conservative and religious and there is basically nothing allowed on sunday, and it was now at midnight. Little did she know, we left about 20 minutes earlier and maybe even passed each other on our way back. I got dropped off, and tried to lock the dinghy up for the night, but it wasn’t there! Weird, so I looked for Lauren thinking she had and and she was gone and about 5-10 minutes later, she made it back to the boat, well, and a little irritatated at the whole situation. Oh well I guess, we did have a nice relaxing day on the boat afterwards before getting ready to race home again the next day.

We did take first in the LeMans type race on the way back. The race started at the skippers meeting on shore, so I dinghy back to the boat, raise the anchor, get sailing etc, then launch the dinghy after a mark in the race and the finish line was in a local bar… We took first and class and second overall, only behind a swan 53 that day!

We are off to the awards ceremony soon… We are both really excite as well since we book a reservation today to swim with humpback whales on thursday. Tonga is the only place in the world that allows us to actually swim with them and we have talked with several people who have said it is amazing! And we also feel well since the group we are going with in involved with conservation and the people bringing us out are marine biologists.

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3 thoughts on “Regatta Vava’u update

  1. Hey, Lauren and Lauren, I enjoyed meeting you in Vava’u and had intended to have more conversation but . . .

    Get in touch via my email. I’m setting out to write for SAIL, and I’m curious about a couple of things, including when/where came your decision to include Vava’u in your travels, and with it the Regatta.

    It’s an image-heavy download, but if you can make it work, you might enjoy my lighthearted post at Best, Kimball

  2. Kris Doyle

    Where are you guys now?

    • Lauren Buchholz

      We are still in Vavuu. I ended up delivering a boat for a friend from Tonga to NZ during the last weather window and am not back in Tonga awaiting weather to leave ourselves. Hopefully, we whould be in NZ in 2-3 weeks.

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