Fastest Day Ever!

I have pulled a few all nighters in my day, and basically pulled one last night since cute Lauren hadn’t slept well so I pulled a double long watch over night. Then again, sometime around this time we crossed the international date line, so did I really do it at all? It does make our check-in in the morning easier as before we crossed that magical line, it was saturday and now it is sunday, which means we arrive monday morning and don’t have to wait for customs and all the other assorted officials to check us into the country!

We are also approaching the 1 year date from the time we left Seattle. Kind of cool that we have now crossed both big imaganary lines on the globe, the equator and the Date Line in the first year. I guess it is all down hill from hear… Well, until we leave New Zealand in 6-7 months. Is North uphill now, or is that dependant on where the wind is blowing?

Hmm, things to ponder on the night watch tonight…

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2 thoughts on “Fastest Day Ever!

  1. gordon sims

    i love the philosophical sailor musings and questions….especially the part about the wind….as if the sea, water, wind, stars, islands, and all speak to us….perhaps it’s when we tune in our own senses, or slow down enough, or something like that, that we begin to first see and hear….?

    keep ’em coming!

  2. Federico Prado

    I can’t believe you guys have been sailing for a year. It seems as if you just left a couple of weeks ago. Crossing those two imaginary lines on a boat is quite an accomplishment too. Keep us posted and best wishes on your journey.

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