Wind Instruments? We don’t need no stinkin…

I always like to encourage people to get into new things. Cute Lauren, who has had a fear/fascination with sharks for the longest time finally got to swim with some in their natural habitat on the trip. I think the black and white tip reef sharks don’t scare her anymore, so we will have to see how she reacts in places with more volatile types.

Sadly, out masthead wind transducer decided to take up scuba diving last night. We have been running in pretty big seas (3.5-4.6 meters according to the weather) and have had solid breeze in the twenties with gusts into the 30s occasionally. I still have not been up the rig yet to see what is left up there ( It is still pretty bouncy and there isn’t anything I can do about it now), but I am curious as to if the tube broke, or the mount, or if the whole thing just came undone. I have heard of people loosing these during big storms where you are in 60+ kts, but not in 30… This just goes along with the string of bad luck I have been having with the Nexus instruments on the boat. The server unit itself is VERY sensitive to any sort of voltage spike (I think anyway) and we have blown up 3, as well as two display heads that no longer work. I love the functionality of the system, and I don’t know of other people who have had the issues we have, but now I am starting to reconsider the system. The Autopilot part of the system has been working great, and would works with any other system. I am pretty sure that I won’t be able to find a replacement transducer until New Zealand, which sucks! Maybe I will be lucky and someone in Tonga has one, or I can try and see if a transducer from Raymarine would work, which I have a much higher chance of finding out here.

On a more positive note, the wind has finally gotten under 20 again (we have a small hand held wind speed gauge) and we are about 100 miles from Niue. Because of the wind and swell though, we are going to have to sail right past and continue on to Tonga. Niue doesn’t have a protected anchorage, so you end up on mooring on the lee of the island, but there are flood and swell warnings for the area so it won’t be safe to stop.

When we get there, I need to finish up my NZ work permit application to start making money to pay for the new hobbies!

That’s all for now…

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2 thoughts on “Wind Instruments? We don’t need no stinkin…

  1. gordon sims

    l&l: still following closely…..thinking of you often and wishing all the best. g

  2. hey laurens’…so nice to be hearing from you as you go…swimming with the sharks huh…( americanised version as opposed to the canadian eh!)sorry to hear bout your equipment probs and heavy seas…other wise everything sounds pretty good…be safe and God speed!…vargag

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