On our Way to Tonga

Well, after getting one last good Indian lunch in Rarotonga yesterday, both us and Britannia took off for Tonga around 2PM. The forecasts er had been seeing showed reinforced trades predicted for pretty much the whole trip. That is both good and bad as we should have 15-25 kts on average so it won’t be a slow trip, but it also means we will see some see state alone the way.

Last night was pretty bumpy, with 3 meter seas or so, and their period was just short enough to make things uncomfortable since they were also from the beam. Things have mellowed out a bit today with average winds in the teens and the swell is much nicer. Evan after 24 hours at sail, we can still see Britannia about a mile away off our beam. I think we are also going to get passed by Zoe III, which is a sister ship to Whatcha Gonna Do. They are also heading towards Tonga but are trying to make it to Vietnam this year! And I thought some of our other friends were moving fast!

Anyway, we have about 425 miles to Niue, which we may stop over at for a few days depending on the weather, if not it is another 2-3 days to Vava’u Tonga from there… We will write more about Rarotonga in a sperate post, but we loved it there. And we basically had the island to ourselves as very few cruising boats made it there this year. We read in the paper that the average for the last few years was about 150 boats per year, and as of when we left, there had only been 20! It was also nice being back in an English speaking country again, our first since we left the USA almost a year ago now…

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