Slow going to Rarotonga

We are playing with a squall right now trying to keep the boat moving… The first two days out of Bora Bora were both quite nice, with wind in the mid teens from about 140 degrees apparent. Flew the kite during the day, though we put in a reef at night as we are getting near the SPCZ, or south pacific convergence zone. This means the trade winds we have been sailing in lately break down and the wind goes weird, and there are local thunderstorms at night. The wind is now under 10 kts, and the direction has changed about 70 degrees in the last few hours, though playing the edge of this storm has kept us moving at about 5 kts for the last hour or so and it looks like we are pretty much paralleling the storm at about the same speed, so if we are lucky, we can keep this up, but still keep the rain a mile or so away.

Sadly, Cute Lauren has been out of the count most of this trip. The first evening, she developed one of her really bad headaches. We have tried most of the pain meds we have on the boat and nothing has really been sucessful. She said one like this is where she used to have to go into the hospital and get a shot, sadly the state of healthcare in the south pacific lacking just like home. At least we are not paying an insurance premium for care that we are not getting though! 🙂

This does mean that I have pretty much been single handing the passage up to this point. This means taking short 20 minute naps throughout the day and then checking for traffic, doing boat stuff and then trying again. We are in a pretty remote part of the world here, but proper seamanship dictates keeping a eye out for other boats, let alone our friends on Britannia who are about 10 miles away on a similar course to us.

The weather prediction show the winds getting even lighter between here and Rarotonga, so even though we are not that far out, I think we most likely wont make it there until friday at this point.

On a postive note, we have heard from our friends on Whacha Gonna Do that there is a great Thai food place in Rarotonga, which I know I can’t wait for. I heard beer is finally less than $3 a can there as well!

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One thought on “Slow going to Rarotonga

  1. Roger Cisl

    good to hear from you …I always enjoy your reports. Not much sailing for me since Mexico but we did some road trips with the RV and motorcycle. Lots of fun too….
    Sorry to hear about L’s headache. My wife used to get them quiet frequently and what helped her was a medication called Imitrex. (Sumatriptan).
    You can get it as an injection, pills or a nasal application. May be worth to stock up on that next time you are in civilization.
    In the mean time keep on trekking and enjoy…


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