Bye to Tahiti, hello Bora Bora!

We are currently underway from Tahiti to either Raietea or Bora Bora. Tahiti has been great, albeit expensive, though it was really nice to be back in the ‘big city’ for awhile. We originally had planned on being able to spend 2-3 weeks visiting the leaward islands of the societies, but with the transmission repair we had to do, our time was cut short.

I am going to write about the whole saildrive replacement in a sperate post, but in a nutshell, we started having clutch issues on our basically brand new saildrive. Sadly this is the second time we have had problems, but ZF Marine, who makes the saildrive has been excellent getting us up and running. They freighted down a replacement unit as well as sending a tech down to do the replacement with me. The amount of money and logistics they went through to get us up and running is an amazing testament to customer service!

Anyway, we have the kite up now and I can see Huahine in the distance. We did have a very slow night though and had to put about 6 hours on the engine and new transmission though. We usually try and wait for breeze, which is usually quite common here, but with only a few days left on our Visa, we decided to leave even though we knew it would be lite. We are going to meet up hopefully with our three other buddy boats either in Raieta or Bora Bora, then we get to wait out a little weather system and head for the Cooks.

Time to go up and enjoy some sailing zen… 8 kts from just behind the beam, a mostly calm ocean and a breaching whale next to the boat. I have to check the book, but it looked very similar to an Orca from back home, though I didn’t think they were native to this area…

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3 thoughts on “Bye to Tahiti, hello Bora Bora!

  1. gordon sims

    dang it! more gremlins! but at least they’re warranty gremlins, probably the best kind to have, eh? good on the manufacturer……

    still getting much enjoyment thinking of you….

  2. dee battisti

    So nice to hear from you again. I’m sorry you have been having equipment worries but know that you can manage it. ‘Looking forward to hearing about Bora Bora after you get there. We are all roasting alive here but otherwise OK. Lots of love to you both. Aunt Dee

  3. So sorry to hear about the saildrive – blech. Glad that they treated you right.

    We’re in San Francisco right now and probably will be for most of August.

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