An Atoll Love Affair

Have I told you yet that I fell in love recently? She speaks French, she always says hello to me when we pass each other by and her soul is the color of turquoise. Oh, and her name is Makemo and she is an atoll in the South Pacific.

We’ve been here for a week, and I have yet to tire of glassy blue-green lagoon that surrounds us. The snorkeling is the best I have seen yet. Even the 6’ deep water directly under our keel is a melting pot of colorful fish. The other day we threw some rice overboard and 40+ fish came from everywhere to get in on the action. We, along with our friends from Ceidlyh, Brittania and Whatcha Gonna Do went for a drift snorkel along the large coral reef through the entrance to the lagoon. The outgoing current carried us as we meandered along the walls of coral and we saw sea cucumbers, fish and even sharks. The largest shark we swam with was around 5-6 feet – definitely larger than me!

In the mornings we walk into the small town and visit the bakery to get fresh baguettes. They are perfectly done with just the right amount of crustiness on the outside to encase the yummy-fluffy goodness on the inside. I eat mine plain with butter and Lauren B eats his with pate.

We are tied up to the wharf by the village now and apparently provide entertainment to the local children. One day Krister invited one of the kids aboard Brittania and the next thing we knew, there were 20 children climbing aboard, jumping overboard and having the time of their lives. The kids are very curious about our lives and there have been days where they come and sit right by the boats and just watch us do mundane things like laundry. They learn a little bit of English in school but it’s mostly “Hello, How Are you, I’m Fine, Thank You”. Sometimes they will come to the boat and say just that. Tomorrow we all leave for another atoll, and I have a feeling that another infatuation is just around the corner.

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3 thoughts on “An Atoll Love Affair

  1. gordon sims

    you’re keeping me going!

  2. Lovely.

  3. Ok. It’s not enough that you’re having the experience of a lifetime, but you turn out to be excellent chroniclers of it as well. That’s just almost too good to be true.

    Proud to be related, as I have said before.


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