Dom and Scones, Britannia style

We are happily anchored! Lauren (cute) said she could actually smell the land before we could see it on the way in this morning. We ended up stalling for about 6-7 hours early this morning so we could approach the island during daylight. We went through a pretty good squall a few miles from the entrance to Taiohai Bay, enough that I was able to shampoo up and shower right in the cockpit while driving.

Amazingly, out of the group of boats that we left PV with, 5 of us arrove within 24 hours of each other. Dilligaf, another Seattle area boat, and the biggest at 49 feet, got in yesterday morning. The other four, two cats, and two smaller monohulls all got in this morning all around the same time since several of us stalled to come in during daylight.

After getting the hook set, dinghy inflated, etc, we were invited over to Krister and Amanda’s CS36, Britannia. We met them right before we left PV and have become good friends, and they had dom on ice, and fresh blueberry scones! Between friends, the lush green hillsides we are surrounded by, and just getting a chance to take a breath while not healed over 20 degrees, this is not too bad at all!

I have heard there is internet service we can buy by the hour here, so if it works an is reasonable, we might get a few photos up soon!

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4 thoughts on “Dom and Scones, Britannia style

  1. gordon sims

    hey, hey! congrats on safe passage, thanks for the frequent posts! been lovin’ it.


  2. greg varga

    laurens…congrats on your safe arrival in paradise…enjoy the “dom” and the blue berry scones and the views…enjoy a walk on land after your voyage and most of all, enjoy yourselves…wish we could join you, even for a brief moment…suzanne and vargag

  3. Federico Prado

    Laurens, congratulations on a safe passage. Thanks for the frequent updates and enjoy paradise!

  4. Ed

    Huzzah for The Laurens. Congratilations on a safe passage. What a magical time in which we live when one can cross an ocean and keep their friends updated on a near daily basis. We need to have a conversation about your set up on day. For now enjoy paradise. Another chilly rainy day in Seattle. I’m green with envy… Or is that algae, mold, and moss?



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