12 Hours out…

We are almost there! The GPS finally said that we were going to make it earlier today (it only thinks that if you are within 24 hours of your destination. We are still close reaching and the seas are a bit bumpy, but we will be there soon. I think I can smell the fresh baguettes and fruit from here!

We are still trying to decide if we are going to try and arrive in the dark or not. Usually, I don’t like to come into an unknown anchorage at night, but from looking at the charts, and a guide book account says it is an easy entry and there are no dangers. I might talk with some of the boats that made landfall today and get their perspective. So we either arrive tonight, around midnight local time, or we get close-ish to the islands and then heave-to for a few hours. This is kind of the sailing equivalent of the parking brake. You still drift a little bit, but you stop most movement and your own wake disrupts the oncoming waves and makes it a relatively smooth ride. It is a storm tactic we have luckily not had to use yet!

And local time… I just looked up and found out that the Marquesas are UTC-9.5 hours. Sadly, Windows 7 doesn’t have French Polynesia in it’s list of valid time zones, and I can’t seem to find a way to manually enter in the offset. Does that mean our boat computer won’t have the correct time for the next three months? I will have to break out the Macbook Pro I have and see if Apple ‘thinks different’ about this and allows me to show the correct time.

Okay, that’s all for now…

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6 thoughts on “12 Hours out…

  1. Congradulations Lauren’s!!!! You made it! Jealous!

  2. Larry Anderson

    Congrats on a safe trip ..

    Time of day ???

    If the sun is out .. get up.
    If you are hungry .. eat.
    If you are tired .. go to sleep ….
    and try and remember which month it is.

    If you have anymore questions about retirement ..
    just drop me a note.


  3. greg varga

    lauren’s….congratulations on your approaching arrival…suzie and i will hoist a glass or 2 of red wine in your honor…keep safe…vargag

  4. Roger Cisl

    Hi L & L,
    I don’t want to jinx it, but congrats in advance to your first crossing. Now where are the pics???
    I am expecting lots of them once you have good WIFI.

    Still cold in Tahoe, can you feel the envy?


  5. Rick N

    Dear L’s
    Never had any doubts, congratulations

  6. Federico Prado

    Wonderful news. Looking forward to further updates!

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