325 Miles to go!

Well, we are currently about 3 days out from Nuka Hiva, weather dictating all at this point. We have had good breeze for the last day or two and have been racking up the miles, but that have been hard fought as we have been going to weather for most of this time as well. If conditions stay the same, we should be making landfall sometime late friday or saturday. I know we are both looking forward to some fresh veggies and a nice baguette when we arrive, let alone a full night of sleep on a reasonably flat boat! As far as fresh food goes, we still have some frozen meat, but cabbage, potatoes, onions and garlic, oh, and washington apples, are all we have as far as fresh food at this point. We did have a nice pizza for dinner though.

We just talked to another boat, Inca, who made landfall at Nuka Hiva and there were apparently 26 boats there. I know cute Lauren sounded a little disappointed that there were so many boats, but I did have to remind her that there are probably close to 100 boats doing the puddle jump this year, let alone boats that have been there longer than that, so 26 is not bad. I think if you really want to be by yourself, you need to beat your way clear of most of the places you read about in the books. As challenging of a trip as this is, GPS, and faster boats with all the ‘stuff’ we have now a days have made this trip easier and easier. Apart of reading the 5 books that the Dexter TV series was based upon, I have read some stuff about people doing this trip 20 years ago, like the previous owners of Piko who did the trip starting in ’93 if I am correct, let alone the ones who did it 100 years ago.

I was talking with the previous owners, who we met through another cruiser that knew them on that trip and while we have only chatted briefly over HF email, it was fun hearing about them seeing the islands of the Marquesas rise out of the ocean after almost 4 weeks of sailing using only traditional navigation (sextant, charts, compass, clock etc) Now I complain when I can’t send an email for a day because the propagation is poor!

How things have changed…

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4 thoughts on “325 Miles to go!

  1. Federico Prado

    Almost there! Awesome news. I am sure you guys are looking forward to walking on land, fresh veggies, and a warm shower. Best regards!

  2. Ron Buchholz

    Great news! Despite all the modern conveniences and technology at hand today, your trip is still a great undertaking and achievement.

    It is great that you have contact with the previous owners of Piko and can do some historical comparisons between their trip in 1993 and yours in 2011.

    We imagine that after getting to landfall, spending some relaxing time on a tropical beach is at the top of your list in addition to having a meal of fresh food, a warm shower and getting a good night’s sleep.


  3. Jen hersman

    Congrats on the close proximity to freshness! Missin you guys! Lots of love to you both!!

  4. greg varga

    lauren’s…i’ve been reading in the papers and seeing on the news that australia is busy recruiting for professionals to come get jobs in australia and become part of the countries work forse…knowing a bit bout your extended stay strategy, this would seem perfect timing for the 2 of you…hope this helps…suzanne flemming and greg varga

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