Piko is in the southern Hemispehere!

We are both officially shell-backs now! We crossed the equator this morning around 7:45 CST, though where we are that has to be closer to 4:45, so it was dark and starry. We have a nice 12 knots and are close reaching towards the Marquesas. We will have a little crossing party later today, but feel we might upset the gods if we take sails down and go swimming since they were kind enough to give us a nice breeze!

Now just to figure out where the postive ocean current is, we have been bucking between .3 and .9 knots of current in the wrong direction for the last day, which is contrary to the current charts I have for this area… Oh well!

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4 thoughts on “Piko is in the southern Hemispehere!

  1. Federico Prado

    Yeah, congratulations. Have fun today during the party!

  2. Ron Buchholz

    Congratulations on crossing the Equator and officially becoming the first “shell-backs” of the family and all on Easter Sunday! Hope you celebrated the achievement in fine fashion!

    Best wishes as you continue your adventure but now in the Southern Hemisphere!

    Much Love,

    Dad and Mom

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. Here is wishing you congratulations. Lauren S. Isure enjoyed your style of writting. It caught me off guard,Idid not know the depht of your literary skill.Hoo Rah love dad

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