Under 1000 miles left!

Well, it might be a few more than a thousand depending on our actual course, but as the crow flies (you know, those ocean going crows) we are under 1000 miles to the Marquesas. We have had the kite up all day today and are making good progress again. We basically have sailed through the convergence zone (knocking on wooden nav desk now), which is nice since this is the area a lot of people get crazy storms and no wind. We did see some light wind, 6-12 kts for a bit, but didn’t really get run down by any squalls. The squalls down here in the ITCZ are different than the ones you see when sailing closer to the high above Hawaii. They are much more sporadic and larger, though it seems we choose a good place to head through as we only had to deal with it for two days, and really only one night of lightening.

We did get a few rain downpours though, which have been really nice. It rained hard enough last night that I was just able to shower in the cockpit using no water from the boat, and it was nice a cool as well. Sadly it is quite hot the rest of the time, both of us have had issues sleeping etc due to the heat, and the fridge is running more to keep the ice frozen for our soon to be crossing the equator party! Gotta go get back on deck and cool off, let alone enjoy another beautiful sunset!

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3 thoughts on “Under 1000 miles left!

  1. SamS

    Happy Earth Day Laurens!

    Hey, you are not all heading for the same waypoint are you:)

  2. Federico Prado

    Hope crossing the Equator is safe and full of fun. Drink some well-deserved alcohol as you go across. Best wishes!

  3. Stefan

    Glad you guys made it through the convergence zone without a hitch. Hopefully the rain has washed away some of the squid, flying fish, etc. 🙂 Although you’ve been getting plenty of sun, today was our first warm sunny day up here in Seattle…been a long winter. Great writing btw, I’ve really been enjoying your logs. Thrilled to see you guys living the dream!

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