Groundhog day

Well, without Bill Murry and the snow… We are almost to one week out and we are both pretty much in the routine now. The boat is going well, the Hydrovane has been driving non-stop since we left, but we are starting to run low on fresh food that doesn’t live in the fridge. We have been running 4 hour watches, and while sometimes it is sunnier, sometime cloudyier, sometime moonier, it really is the same thing over and over… Now if only I had a good guitar teacher on the boat!

our biggest issue is the wind is making it difficult for us to put south in our course. We are often times pretty close to our intended course of 230, but the wind oscillates and then shifts to the east and we can keep below 250-255 in the swell. Most of the other boats around us seem to be having the same problem, our solution is to fly the kite more, but that requires us to be close to the wheel at all times as the hydrovane does steer the kite, we still have some irratic swell out here which it cant keep up with if we have the larger sail up.

Live is good though, it is low to mid 80s in the boat, the water is only a few degrees cooler and we might even see rain in the next day or two. That seems weird to be looking for, but since we have not actually seen rain in over 6 months, we will look novelty with favor. ( and no, we are not just trying to rub it in for our seattle friends, we really would love some rain!)

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