Another fine day…

Blue skies – Check
Blue Water – Check
Sunshine – Check
Breeze – Check

Oh, and Bacon for Breakfast – Check!

We are moving along, and have finally broken out of the clouds. It has been mostly cloudy since we have left, but we have had a nice mostly sunny sky with some high level cirrus clouds for the last 6 hours or so. We have about 15 kts from the north and are moving along nicely at around 6.3 kts at about 245 degrees with just our #3 headsail and full main. We are definitely looking forward to more of this kind of weather, though maybe a few knots more breeze. I overheard on the radio that several of the boats around us are not having quite as nice of a day having to run more west in lest breeze, hopefully they are all in the same conditions now.

I have been reading a new book on the kindle as of last night called ‘In the South Seas’ by Robert Lewis Stephenson. It is great so far, basically accounting for his time that he spend in the Marquesas about 130 years ago. Thanks to both Larry from Panta Rhei for recommending it and Project Gutenberg for supplying a ton of classic books that we downloaded before we left.

We did hear some bad news from sone friends on S/V Buena Vista. They have been having engine problem since soon after leaving and it appears that all repair have failed and they are having to turn around and head back to PV for repairs. They are getting water in their oil, and while they have been working with several mechanics over SSB, cannot seem to figure out where it is coming from and have decided to pickle the engine and return for a hopefully quick repair and make another attempt out. All the other boats in our group seem to be doing well though, I heard of three non-fatal spinnaker issues on two different boats yesterday, but all seemed repairable enroute.

More later, our Internet has been getting slower as we get further out. What I wouldnt pay for a 9600 baud connection right now!

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3 thoughts on “Another fine day…

  1. Federico Prado

    Lauren and Lauren, another book I highly recommend, in case you’re not already familiar with it, is titled “The Bounty : The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty”, also available in kindle format:

    Glad to hear all is well, and I hope you’ll reach the Marquesas soon and safely.

    Best regards,

  2. Caelestis

    I read “In South Seas”. They are all cannibals there! Turn back!

  3. Lauren;

    I bought my first modem in college, a nifty portable battery operated unit for my screaming 8088 laptop. It worked at u to 300 baud!!! This was in the pre-internet, compuserve BBS days.

    Are you a ham? If so, have you tried Winmor?


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