Not what most of you were thinking, well some of you sure! It looks like we have some new crew! Last night 4 brown footed boobies decided to call the bow pulpit their home. Two of them are off fishing right now, the other two are still chillin on deck. From what I have heard, these bird might stay with us all the way to the Marquesas, disappearing during the day and coming back to their temporary home at night.

The wind is still down a little bit, but at least it is back up to 12-13. I am trying to decide if we are going to put up the kite, as the hydrovane doesn’t like our asym kite if we are reaching as it loads up quicker in a puff than the vane can steer down, which means hand steering, but an additional knot of boat speed. Might give it a few more hours and download the next weather report. I am almost over my cold, so i probably could stand to do some real sailing, rather than just sitting on the boat watching for other boats…

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3 thoughts on “Boobies!

  1. SamS

    Yes, you cannot imagine my profound disappointment….

    Have you ever tried setting the asym on the pole to get a better DW angle? It would be a pita to gybe, I suppose.

  2. Sam

    Always the tease.

  3. Ed

    You have a tough choice, either drive to your trim or trim to the way the boat drives herself. I’m sure you’ll figure out the best solution before your next landfall. I’m green with envy


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