Blue Water!

We are now far enough out that the water has turned a great deep shade of blue! It also has warmed up to about 78 according to the instruments as well. We had a second 160+ mile day yesterday, but the wind has backed off a little bit so we might miss the hat trick this time.

Got a bunch of little projects done on the boat today, the primary one being adding some washers to the vang gooseneck. When I originally installed it, i just used nylon washers as shock absorbers, but it looks like a few failed and we would get an occasional bang when we would come off a wave and the vang would load up. Simple fix though, and we caught it early enough so nothing long term would happen.

We made a nice thai red curry with chicken for dinner tonight, and while we are only making 6 kts or so right now, there is a half moon and I am laying out on deck in a t-shirt watching the stars.

Also, on another technical thing, the new solar has really helped while underway for our energy budget. We have been 50-75% overcast since we have left, and we are still keeping out with our energy usage, even with the laptop being on, using the SSB and the instruments and plotter. Cute Lauren also loves having shade in the cockpit during the day. Even better is that it hasn’t impaired the capability of the hydrovane at all either, though we will have to see if it makes any effect when we are more close hauled…

All in all, another great day on the water!

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2 thoughts on “Blue Water!

  1. Christina

    Ah, this sounds wonderful. I smiled when I thought of you on the deck in a t-shirt looking up at the half-moon. Calm.

  2. BLUE WATER! So excited for you.

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