Day one down…

Well, we have made it through the first 24 hours of the journey. We just shook out the reef we put in last night as the wind dropped back into the teens again. We made 168 miles our first day, which is not bad as we didn’t even have a kite up. The seas have also calmed down a bit so we are both a little more comfortable now. We have seen anywhere between 14-26 kts over the past day, but the sea state hasn’t been great since it has had a short period. We just noticed that we broke one of our plastic bowls last night as well, not sure how that happened though… Anyway, we are still pretty close to about 4 boats right now and we have been chatting over the VHF radio with them and everyone seems to be happy and Dilligaf caught a tuna last night as well!

That’s all for now…

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2 thoughts on “Day one down…

  1. cathy gaspar


    Rich and I wish you calm weather and fair seas!

  2. Federico Prado

    So exciting! Have a safe and fun cross.

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