Today is the day

Well, we are sitting anchored out in Punta de Mita which is the northern point of Banderas Bay where we have been for the last month. We have mostly been waiting for the weather to be right, but also finishing a few minor projects on boat. It looks like the north pacific high, which is related to the trade winds that we want to sail to the Marquesas has come out of hiding, and there is a nice northerly blow from the Sea of Cortez for us to sail to the trades in.

We are pretty much set to go, and there is a lot of excitement around since we are leaving with something around 8-10 other boats all whom have been waiting for the same weather we supposed to be getting today and tomorrow. Sadly, I (tall Lauren) recently came down with a cold, so we will have to deal with that for a few days as I fight through it.

Also, for those of you who have bene following us via our Spot messenger, be aware that in the next week or two it will stop working. They don’t have satellites over where we are going, hence no signal. We have added another link on our blog that will show where we are, but this requires us to send a special email to this service, so it wont be updated every 30 minutes or whatever spot did.

That is all for now, we still have a few more things to get ready on the boat. The next message you will all get should be from the high seas on our journey to the land of French volcanoes!

Lauren and Lauren

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4 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. Kathy Shelby

    Have a safe trip !! Keep in mind Larry and I would love to meet up with you and Lauren in New Zealand/Australia….


  2. Ron Buchholz

    Lauren and Lauren –

    Good luck, strong winds and have a great next leg of your adventure as you sail to the Marquesas Islands. You will be our thoughts and prayers. Dad and Mom

  3. nomadchica

    Good luck!!! 🙂

  4. gordon sims

    sending more love and wishes for good fortune…..g

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