And still waiting…

Well we hoped to leave today but due to the development of some funky weather, our departure will be delayed.  If we left now, we’d have barely any wind with a lot of rain.  No thank you!  We are totally ready to go – food and all.  Most likely we will not be able to leave until after Thursday and will need to re-provision to get more fresh food before we go.

If you are reading this, cross your fingers, pray or dance for the weather gods for a good window for us and the other boats waiting to leave!  Whatever floats your spiritual boat, we’ll take it.  In the meantime we will be here looking at the weather every day and enjoying our last few days in beautiful Mexico.

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6 thoughts on “And still waiting…

  1. SamS

    On your behalf, we sacrificed half a box of king crab last night with six friends. Dont know how effective that will be with the weather, but we are all wishing fair winds for you.

  2. mikey

    I sacrificed an excellent bottle of wine last night to your swift endeavor. Fair winds my friend. I shall sacrifice a good bottle every day until you get there. Keep us updated ; )

  3. Roger Cisl

    I will join Sam and Mikey in the drinking and eating and wish you a speedy crossing with good winds and all



  4. I too wish you both good weather to set sail. And of course I will eat and drink in great sacrifice to help in the efforts.

  5. Well hello from morehead, just letting you know i am checking on your site reguarly. I have sacrificed three harley parts,two ww2 items and 1 rhino figure ror good sailing wheather and Gods protection since I cant be there. Ilove you shure lhope this get to you.

  6. Lauren Buchholz

    Right now it looks like saturday is going to be the day. Weather is looking good, and ther swell is going down. It also looks like 6-8 boats will all be heading on then, so we should be sailing with a good group of people!

    Thanks for all of the well wishes!

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