Leaving soon, we swear!

All we need is a good weather window and it’s off to French Polynesia we go! Could be 1 day, could be 3 days from now.

Lauren B and I have been finishing projects and provisioning for our journey.  We made a big Costco run for some American-type drygoods.  For our veggies, we will visit a local warehouse fruit and veggie market that sells to the local restaurants.  It is awesome!  Last week we walked out of there with 5 huge bags of fresh vegetables for less than $10.  We’ve had bad luck with meat from Walmart (remember my possible poisoned cooking Facebook post?) and we will be purchasing meat from the local butcher.  We hope to catch fish on our way, and that will be a bonus.  Cross your fingers for us for tuna!  We’ve got the wasabi and soy ready…

I’ve planned out our meals for 24 days so we know what we need to buy for.  That’s every breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m cheating and using leftovers for a couple of those meals.  But I think that leftover Thai curry is always a treat.  Lauren B and I will share the cooking duties.  He’s a real champ when it comes to cooking underway as sometimes the heat from cooking is a seasickness trigger for me.  I’m hoping that the scopalamine patch (anti nausea etc.) will prohibit any seasickness.

Now that we have added two more solar panels, we will have more energy for the trip.  This translates into more times we can run the watermaker, which means…wait for it…more freshwater showers!  *Cue Applause* Of course they will be extremely quick, efficient faux fabulous showers, but they are showers nonetheless.

Since Piko doesn’t carry much tankage for fuel, we can’t afford to motor out to the tradewinds.  Ideally we will wait for a storm to form in the Sea of Cortez which will give us enough wind to make it out to the trades.  From there it should be (*knocking on wood*) a smooth downwind sail towards the equator.  Once we are near the equator, we will be at the Intertropical convergence zone.  This means no wind and frequent squalls.  We’ll suffer through that for 3’ish days and then it will be back to happy sailing on the tradewinds towards our landfall of Nuku Hiva – the northernmost island in the Marquesas Island chain in French Polynesia.

We will do another post once we know what day we are leaving and will try our best to send updates to the blog via SSB radio while we are underway.

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4 thoughts on “Leaving soon, we swear!

  1. Federico Prado

    Wishing you guys a very smooth and safe cross. I’ll be looking forward to your updates. Best regards, Fede

  2. gordon sims

    may your crossing go as expected, may you have many wonderful experiences along the way, way to go on arriving at your leaving…….

    taking leave of the land……water, wind (or no wind, as the case may be), sun, clouds, and all manner of ocean going beings await…..

    WOW! all best fortune, i’ll be thinking of you often! and looking forward to any updates via SB…..

    marquesas ahead!!! too cool….

    yer boatmate, gordon

    • Lauren Buchholz

      Hey Gordon, if you are curious, we got the autopilot working finally! Looks like it was a bad motor controller box that was causing it to go haywire during the calibration… Since we didn’t really need the extra controller, we removed it and now have a functioning unit… Too bad it took me almost three years to get the darn thing working, and hopefully we will never use it! 🙂

  3. Marc & Merrie

    We were crew on MorningStar with Janet & JP. Your story helped make our trip to PV much more than a vacation.
    Have a blast all across the Pacific.

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