Almost Famous…

It was pretty to see the latest Latitude 38 a few days ago.  Guess who is on the cover?

January 2011 Latitude 38

A great shot from a great day.  This was taken in Banderas Bay, during the Banderas Bay Blasts Spinnaker run.  This was a the last day of a three day regatta with all the proceeds going to local school children in the area.

These races are also pretty laid back, trying to appeal to non-racers as well as people.  The start for this day was a little hectic, with no committee boat, flags or anything like that.  Usually someone gets on the radio and at least gives the standard 5,4,1,go countdown, but the ‘RC’ was late getting back to the boat. I finally called on the radio, about 10 minutes after the start should have happened and they were like, just go, we just got back to the boat.  Even with stating about 13 minutes late, we ended up winning the day overall, beating a bunch f boats that should have ate Piko for lunch on a mid teens downhill kite ride.    Oh well, we are not complaining.

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