Piko takes first

Well, thanks to a great crew, Piko took 1st place in our class for the 2010 Baja HaHa. We ended up having to start the engine the last day since there was no wind, but we sailed the first two legs, keeping up with many boats much larger than us. Sadly, Robyn and Lindsay are packing their stuff and heading back to Seattle in the morning.

Hopefully we will have some time to upload some photos tomorrow and maybe even eat some of the pizza we won for a quick kite set on day two…

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8 thoughts on “Piko takes first

  1. Jim K

    Great show Lauren and Lauren!!!…..Our Wauquiez’s are
    wonderfull boats……………………..

  2. Michael Pack

    Congrats! L & L, our daughter was born two weeks ago. Don’t be surprised if you return from your cruise with a third passenger 🙂

  3. Paul and Suzette

    Congrats on first place – great job the four of you! at least 2 days over 150 miles, not bad for a 35 foot cruising boat. And a most excellent sail repair job! You have done us proud. Reading your tales brings back many fond memories of when we did the HaHa 10 years ago. Hard to believe it’s been so long.

  4. Jennifer & Ben

    Awesome work! And I am sure fun times too! Glad you are having success in the first months of your grand adventures!

  5. Alicia

    Yay!!! Sounds like a fantastic race. Good Job!

  6. Patsy Wilmouth

    Sounds like it was a wonderful trip….such fun…
    congrats on doing so well….

  7. Keep up the good work! Great sailing and writing!

  8. Roger Cisl

    Hey Laurens,
    member me??? Finally got around to check out your blog and I am impressed. My wife and I had a good week stay in Cabo after the Ha Ha and are now home and snowed in already.
    Boy do I miss the warm weather…
    Lunautica is in La Paz for a couple more weeks, maybe you will run into them ( Michael & Judy )
    I have a couple of pics for you, let me know if it is OK to send or if it jammes up your puter with the slow connection.
    Greetings and good travel to both of you


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