Ouch says the red dot…

Well, I have personally seen the red dot, the newest spinnaker in our collection server both Piko and Seeker for may ocean miles. We were having a great time in about 15 kts and she decided it was time for a siesta. We were surfing down waves, maxing out at 10-12 kts for several hours and once trough must have been a little deeper than the ones before. I knew we were pushing her a little harder than we should have been, but we were running deep, around 160 degrees to the wind, which our asym kite doesn’t go and I was lazy since out 1.5 oz kite was buried in the locker.

Luckily, we only blew out a clew, pretty cleanly right at the edge of the layers of reinforcements. That also took out the entire foot tape and a little bit of the leech tape as well.

Out comes the sewing machine, repair material and both leaves of the salon table. One of my friend’s significant others runs a sail loft in Seattle (http://ballardsails.com) which we were able to get some extra material from before we left. His GF has also spent many hours at the loft learning the trade from them and was excellent help sewing her back together again. A few hours later and I think the kite has a new lease on life. We will have to see how she looks on the last leg down to Cabo which starts tomorrow morning.

After we finished the kite, we all hailed a taxi, and made it onto la playa de bahia Santa Maria. Yes, amazingly enough, there are actually some water taxis that make it down here for the event. We decided since it takes us 30 minutes to get the dinghy ready and break it down that we would use ‘public transportation’ to make it into shore. We are basically in a small cove 2/3 of the way down the peninsula. It is very barren, basically high dessert meets the beach. We grabbed some freshly made guacamole since the avocados had need a head hazard for Lindsay for the last week, some beer and some tequila for the party. A local band, well local as in about 100 miles away comes to the beach to play music for all the cruisers along with fresh food and beer which is also transported here for all of us. This is no small feat, since we are really in the middle of nowhere!

Anyway, we are back on the boat for the evening and about ready to make some dinner. More news when we make it to Cabo!

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4 thoughts on “Ouch says the red dot…

  1. Red Dot

    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!

    • Lauren Buchholz

      Love it! She is holding together okay, but we are going to get some more materiel from a loft and do a more proper repair on her…

  2. gordon sims

    go red dot! wish i were there! good stories, keep ’em comin’!

  3. Hoss

    Hi guy’s I have been following your posts, sounds great so far. I met lauren S. at Sabetta.s Pizza in Morro Bay Ca. I am the manager. I really love the pictures you took along the way, looking forward to more. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you. Hoss.

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