On the way to Bahia Santa Maria

We all had a great time in Turtle Bay over the last few days. We were able to meet several more crews while we were there, and a few more people from Seattle as well that we share common friends.

It was also fun to watch the now annual cruisers vs. locals baseball game. We missed the beginning of the game, in which, we heard, that a bunch of us gringos played the local women. We came in while we were playing the local youth, most of which looked to be between 8 and 14. It was quite funny since I think there were about 25 kids out on the field and it was basically a series of errors as they tried to throw runners out. We did this for a second inning and they played the combination of the two local adult teams. They were both in full uniforms and definitely outclassed the cruisers as far as baseball skill. My guess is that the score of this part of the game was something around 20-7.

The second full night we were there had us on the bahia drinking fruity rum cocktails and appetizers for the potluck. Robyn got some beach volleyball in while we were chatting with others. One this we noticed is that we are definitely on the racing end of the sailors here. We were all happy about our two 150 mile plus days, and sailing lower and faster than the other boats, let alone doing the entire first leg sailing as many boats ran their engine. We would usually get a ‘thatta boy’ a smile and they would roll their eyes… Oh well, I guess we like the simple aspects of sailing.

This morning we woke up early in cool overcast weather for the start of the second leg. The race committee was a little late getting on the radio and the start was somewhat hap hazard. We were all set for the downwind start though. The wind was pretty light so they did what they called a rolling start where boat could motor at 6kts until they saw 10kts of breeze. Just about at the time I had the kit ready to hoist we hear the race committee say on the radio something to the effect ‘oops, looks like I am looking at the wrong clock. Bang! that is the official start everyone…’ We all laugh and a few seconds later we are one of the first three boat with out kite, the red dot again, up sailing across the line. The committee boat noticed the few ‘prepared’ boats and the three of us apparently all won a pizza in cabo for looking good. We ran the motor for about 5-10 minutes to put a little more charge in the batteries and soon started sailing 100%. Looks like about 25 boats out of the 160 that are still going popped kites and headed offshore, theoretically looking for the same wind we did. Several boats tried it for a while and dropped the kites and started motoring though we kept on going.

It was still pretty light when I went off watch after the start, probably only about 6 kts or so, but now that I woke up and am ready to replace Lindsay on watch, the wind has built to over ten and we are cruising along at 6kts, through about 20 degrees higher than the course I want. I guess we have a gybe in out future or maybe we should donate a shot of rum to neptune and wish for that 20 degree knock!

That’s it for now, posting over thge radio is slow and I need to get up on deck…

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One thought on “On the way to Bahia Santa Maria

  1. Enjoying the stories, thanks for posting!

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