35 miles out

We are currently about 35 miles out from Turtle Bay. Lauren is feeling better and up driving the boat under the red dot kite and we had a second 150+ mile day. We also just had a HUGE group of dolphins, scattered around almost as far as the eye can see around the boat. I think we are doing pretty well compared to the other boats in the rally, there was only one other boat in our class that was anywhere close to us, and we are still sailing with mostly larger, faster boats. The winds and seas have calmed and it looks to be a nice calm kite run to the finish line and then the anchorage.

Heard on the radio schedule this morning that someone dislocated his hip, though not sure how. Luckily, a boat with a Navy medic on it was about 15 miles away and was going to come and assist.

Outside of our milk in the fridge going bad and a weld starting to fail on the gooseneck, everyone including the boat is doing great. We have been very happy with out 5th crew, the yet to be names Hydrovane. It was doing a remarkable job steering last night in 25 kts+ and some pretty big waves, some larger than 15′ is my guess. I did get her going 12.6 SOG and 11.85 STW last night though, which I think equals my record while sailing seeker in the Vic Maui two years ago, and this time it was just under a full main and #3 headsail!!

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8 thoughts on “35 miles out

  1. August Hahn

    I have a hydrovane from the previous owner and I’m interested in how it’s working for you. Seems like a good system and not as complicated as the monitor.

    Oh, and sounds like fun out there!


    • Lauren Buchholz

      The Hydrovane has been great so far. It doesn’t like really big swell in low winds, or the kite when we are on a really tight reach, but in general it works great. It handles the 12′ swell and 25+ kts really well on the last leg. I don’t know how it compares to a monitor though as I have never been on a pretorien with one…

  2. Sam

    Red Dot and Blue Stripe = a winning combination!

    Congratulations on the passage and hoist a few Pacifico’s for me.

  3. Kenny G

    Hola Laurens
    Sounds like a nice run PIKO!
    Whats this nonsense about faster then SEEKER????

    Have fun in Turtle bay, and good luck finding internet!

  4. Jim K

    Great work on leg One!!!!

  5. Sam

    Hello to your Seattle crew! Glad to hear LaurenS is on the mend. Sailing under the kite is really the best medicine! Does she need a little more sheet out?

  6. dee battisti

    hi you two. ‘just read your blog about the fog etc. I had my heart in my throat. so glad you both are OK. what does sailing under the kite mean? Can’t wait to read your next blog. hugs and kisses all around. Aunt Dee

  7. That was fun to read!

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