Heading down the coast…

Well, we are well into day two of the Baja Haha. Logged about 152 miles yesterday which isn’t bad for the boat in cruising mode. Sadly, Lauren (Smith) has been feeling the effects of Mal de Mar for the last two and has mostly been resting. We also have two good friends from Seattle doing the HaHa with us. It is the first time in the open ocean for both of them, though both of them race alot back in Seattle. Not that I was worried, but there have been a lot of smiles coming from them surfing the boat down the waves at over 10 kts!

We have seen lots of wildlife so far, one large whale, several groups of dolphins playing under the bow etc… We ended up going about 65 miles or so offshore last night and have had good wind in the upper teens and lower 20 kts. Lots of fun swell though, the storms off of Alaska and San Francisco are throwing some pretty big waves our direction. We also just crossed tacks with Philosphy, which is a Southern Cross 39 also from Seattle (near 29’43″N, 116’36″W)

We will write more if we get some internet once we arrive in turtle bay!

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3 thoughts on “Heading down the coast…

  1. Michael Pack

    Make sure the Wauquiez comes in first (in fun)!

  2. Patsy Wilmouth

    How exciting…some day I hope to make a trip on the ocean in the sailing world as well….
    Please give Robyn a big hug from me….
    I will look forward to meeting your Lauren when i get to Seattle..(hope she is feeling much better).
    luv to all, patsy (Bean’s mom)

  3. John in Alameda


    Our other friends in the rally:

    Pam & Rick on ‘Hotel California’

    Michael with Laura & Tom on ‘Camelot ‘ (Michael is retired after 36 years as a fire fighter/paramedic – retired now and a good guy to know in general)

    Have fun and keep sailing fast!

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