We have a new car er dinghy!

Well, we were able to get everything sorted out.  Lucky for us, the people in the bay area, well minus whomever was responsible for the theft, are great.  I posted an ad on craigslist looking for it, and several complete strangers came out and offered to help in various ways.  I even had an editor for Latitude 38, which is the local Bay Area sailing magazine call me and offered to put a note in the daily newsletter. Never figured we were going to become famous this way!

‘Lectronic Latitude – One Bad Apple

After calling around, scouring craigslist etc, we founda good lead on a used dinghy at a place called Sal’s Inflatable. They were great, he primarily services life rafts and dinghys, but also seems to sell a few on the side. This one was almost exactly like our old one, same make and model, just one foot larger. He was selling it for a long time customer who just wasn’t able to use it much anymore. We decided to head back to Marina Village in Alemeda for one more day. On the way to Alemeda, I also posted something on Sailing Anarchy and someone on there, who also was at Marina Village offered us a hand if we needed something. That turned out to be lending us his car for a few hours! Did I say people are amazing? Outside of possibly having a conversation in the past over the internet, we were complete strangers and he offers us use of his car. Thanks again to John and Cindy of S/V Kloosh!

When we got to Sal’s to look at the dinghy, it was exactly as advertised. a few years old, but basically in great condition. We knew that we had to find and outboard as well, and figured Sal might have a lead on places that had some used ones or some other type of deal. As it happened, the owner of the dinghy also had an older Evinrude he was selling, and even lowered his asking price after Sal called him up and tried to bargain a little for us. The new outboard is a little bigger at 7.5 HP, and is two cylindars, but is still a two stroke and only weighs about 10 lbs more than the old one. We do have to lug a fuel can with us now though, but after zipping around in it this afternoon photographing the Moore 24 Nationals down in Santa Cruz, decided it probably is a good thing as this engine has a ton more power, but does burn more fuel. Here are some photos from the day playing in the new dinghy…

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4 thoughts on “We have a new car er dinghy!

  1. Mikey

    Aye Lauren …I got the L’Ectronic Lasso today and saw you guys in there …suprise!!!! Sorry you had to make the mag that way. They showed your Craigslist post too. Well keep on cruisin brother. maybe i get to do the same in a few years. Go STYC!

    mike beste

  2. Ha! Glad to hear that you were able to turn a lemon into lemonade! Great pics, and happy that things worked out for you. +1 on keeping a positive attitude throughout.


    A new dinghy is always nice! Good going!!

  4. Livia from Estrelita directed me in your direction: looks like we’re going to be in the same direction at about the same time as you. We get to La Paz (where our boat is) in February so we’ll look out for you somewhere on the coconut run. Fabulous!

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