Dude, Where’s my Dinghy?

Ugh – I’m afraid our dinghy was stolen while we were still anchored in Sausalito last night.  All we know is that we tied it up last night and when we woke up this morning it was gone.  It is very unlikely that it went rogue and floated away.  Just to be sure, we took the boat around the other peninsula, Tiburon, where the current would have taken it.  It was not there as we suspected.

We filled out a police report with the county sheriff’s deputy who told us “not to expect getting it back”. They are real motivators.  So for now we do not have a way to get to shore until further notice.  Lauren B. is checking Craigslist to see if there are any for sale that would fit our needs.  We’ll be replacing a 2007 Achilles 8.8′ inflatable dinghy with a 1999 4-stroke Mercury outboard engine.

On the bright side, it is another beautiful day here in California so if we are going to be stranded, might as well be on a boat!

Cheers – Lauren S.

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9 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s my Dinghy?

  1. Bummer! If you were closer you know we could find a way to hook you up.

    Keep us posted. Looking forward to seeing you both soon.


  2. SFM

    Really stinks.

  3. gordon sims

    aw sh**! distressed to hear of this. what rotten misfortune.



  4. Michael Pack

    I hope the thieves become food for great whites.


    So sucks! What a bummer – great attitude, though. hope you find another soon.

  6. rick

    so sorry about your dingy. but dingy theft is a fact of life. especially since you are going to be heading down to mexico. just in the lagoon in barra navidad, one of the nice spots, about seven or eight dingys with motors were stolen last season. and that’s just one place! i bought an older inflatable and engine just for the simple purpose of replacing it if it did get stolen. and believe me, people do come aboard or swim to your boat when your aboard it. it doesn’t matter if your rich or not, to the locals you are rich or appear so. it’s their country and even though richardson bay is the good ol’ usa, it’s still the same situation. you have to be on guard to protect your stuff or else risk losing it. hopefully i’ll see you around this season as i am down in puerto vallarta and plan on continuing south. so sorry, but these things happen.

  7. Happy to have found your blog, but what shitty news! We stayed on/off anchored in Sausalito nearly five months, and never had aything missing, though other liveaboards told us to lock and chain our outboard, solar, dinghy, in case should be “borrowed”. Hope you find ok replacement. And we hope to see you soon, we are in Monterey now.
    Bika crew

    • Lauren Buchholz

      Yea, that stuff happens, we just didn’t figure it would happen in Sausalito. We are in Santa Cruz right now, with the new dinghy. There is a race going on over here which a few friends are doing, then we plan head to Monterey for a bit and then morrow bay where I have some family. Hope to catch up with you all for tea soon!

  8. Sue Simpson

    Hi Laurens:

    Wow, I knew the Bay area was bad when it comes to petty theft, but that is ridiculous (and cruel too,to leave you stranded like that)!! Well, hopefully the motor on the new dinghy works a little better than the old one. 🙂 I do remember you were a bit frustrated with it….

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure!

    – Sue

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