Sausalito: Beauty and the Bacon

We left the marina in Alameda last week after we replacced the batteries, voltage regulator, instrument server and other things which Lauren B. will write about later this week.  Piko sailed to Sausalito and we have been anchored here ever since (4 days now? I can’t keep track anymore).

Our first night, wind was light and we had about 3:1 anchor scope ratio out in about 5 feet of water and 5 knots of breeze.  We were down below for a couple hours and I was ready for bed when Lauren B. said we needed to re-anchor.  The wind had picked up to ~20 knots.  When I came on deck, I saw that our anchor had dragged and we moved backwards about 100 feet! Yikes.  Luckily there was not another boat anchored at our stern.  We re-anchored with 7:1 scope and it proved to be much sounder.   Note to self:  Know the potential wind build and give yourself enough anchor.

Since most of the serious boat projects have slowed down, we get to enjoy lighter projects like wrapping our wheel and eating dinner.










Sausalito is a lovely spot to drop anchor.  On one side of us we see the town with homes and shops sprinkled across lush hills.  On the other side – another peninsula  – is Tiburon which looks similar except it is not as built up.   We can also see clear across the bay to San Francisco and on a clear night it is a sparkling sight!  We have a view of the whole city stretched across the bay like a net of lights on the hills.

Our second day here we inflated our dinghy and set off in search of a public dock.  We found and tied up to one that was a mere 5 minute ride from Piko.  When arrived, there was a sign that read “Limit: 15 minutes”. Baloney!  Is that 15 minutes in dog years?  There were some dinghies that clearly had been there for an obscene multitude of 15 minutes.  We left ours there and marched on to scope out a place to discard our garbage and a place to eat lunch.  We settled on a quaint little Indian restaurant 1 block of the waterfront whose name I’m embarrassed to say I’ve already forgotten. (It was Sartaj Indian Cafe, and highly recommended!)

After a wonderful meal, we proceeded to find a market so we could stock up.   We had been out of bacon for a week and were approaching crisis status.  We found a local market and they had bacon – only one package left…it was ours!  But wait…$8.00 for a small package of Oscar Meyer bacon?  No way.  Even if we had jobs we still wouldn’t afford $8.00 bacon.   I’d like to get my hands on the pricing structure that allows a store owner to arrive at $8.00 bacon.  Or perhaps he is a genius and his scheme is to induce fear of scarcity for unsuspecting bacon-lovers like Lauren B. and I by only putting out one package at a time so we could relish in having found the last surviving bacon in Sausalito!

Well I’m on to you, Mr. Market Man . And when I choke down yet another bowl of cereal tomorrow morning still holding my $8.00 instead of bacon, I’ll remember that you did not best me!

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5 thoughts on “Sausalito: Beauty and the Bacon

  1. Oliver

    Just posting to let you know I’m reading. I love the video coming into SF.

  2. Bacon crisis – serious! I dig the pig 😉

  3. SFM

    Hm. If I’d only known, I would not have been so cavalier with that last pound!
    Next up: $5/gallon water?

  4. Ed

    There has to be a grocery within walking distance of some dock on the bay. Reasonably priced bacon exists. I’m sure of it.


    • Lauren Buchholz

      There really isn’t any economical place to shop here. Lot’s of organic produce and stuff, but the nearest safeway is a bus ride away. We finally got some cheap, low end oscar meyer bacon for about $4, which will hold us over until we can re-provision for heading further south…

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