Once we left Seattle…

Sunday September 5th

We left Seattle around 12 pm on Saturday.  Our friends Gordon and Sophie joined us for the trip down to San Francisco.  What a blessing!  Not only are they wonderful people to be around, but they are both professional Mariners as well.  Gordon worked on the Adventuress for over a decade and was Captain for a good part of it.  Sophie was the Captain of a sister ship, Ernestina,  on the east coast.

It was cloudy and grey when we departed, but the overcast cleared at about 2pm and it turned into a lovely day.  We put a spinnaker up and happily sailed for a couple of hours.  Per typical Puget Sound weather, our wind died to about 5 knots before dinner time so we motored again after dinner.  Cue beautiful sunset – the first of many to come.

We started our watch schedule after dinner time at which point I went to lie down in our aft cabin.  I was on day 2 of a nasty headache so it was a welcome rest.  This was my first time of what it is like to sleep on a boat in waves.  I can tell you that it feels like you are traveling in the belly of a whale.  Or for a less nautical metaphor, it is like trying to rest in a rollercoaster.  There was much noise and movement and there was no doubt that the wind had picked up.  After tossing and turning for 3 hours I got up at 11pm to relieve Sophie on deck.  The wind had built to 20 knots and we had one reef in the main (for you non-sailors, this means that we make the main sail smaller so that we are not overpowered).

It got cold at night.  I had 2 shirts, 2 fleeces, my foul weather jacket, 2 pairs of wool pants, 2 pairs of socks and my foul weather bibs on and I was still cold!  Luckily the blanket of stars above us was enough to keep my mind off the chill and I was content to shiver and stare at the sky.

At one point I went to the head and I can say with confidence that that going to the bathroom while we are heeled over, going to the bathroom takes the balance of an Olympic athlete. (again, non-sailors, this means the sailboat is heavily tipped to one side when going upwind).

Due to some unexpected troubles (which I’ll tell you about in a later post) we ended up staying in Port Angeles early that morning. It was quite a treat to wake up and have the Lady Washington on our right, and the Hawaiian Chieftan on our left!

All in all, I managed to survive my first day and I was ready for more.

Lauren Smith

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