Creatures Among Us

One of the greatest joys I’ve had at sea is experiencing the wildlife.  We’re never too far from a bird skimming the ocean surface and every day we have had visits from porpoises and or dolphins – anywhere from 1 to 10.  It’s the first time I’ve seen them outside of photos and I think they are amazing.  We were visited by two different kinds.

The first kind was a Pacific White Sided Dolphin – the larger of the two and was gunmetal grey fading into a white belly.  They made large arc jumps out of the water and enjoyed swimming underneath Piko – setting off our depth alarm every minute or so.

The second kind we saw were Dall’s Porpoises.  They are like little torpedos they move so swiftly.  They make a very distinct sound when they come up for air and we were able to tell just from listening which kind was our guest.  The Dall’s are stark black with white bellies and look much like tiny orcas. When they came at night, we could still see them because their trail would be lit up by the photoluminescence in the water.  It was a mini light show and we loved every minute of it.

On the morning of our last day before reaching San Fran, we were in thick fog and could barely see.  I looked out over the port side of Piko and I saw 50+ dolphins swimming towards us!  They escorted us for a good 40 minutes – we were completely surrounded.  Check out the video below:

We saw whales a couple different times. The first sight it was probably a ¼ mile from our boat and the second time it was only 100 feet on our stern.  I wish I had a picture to share with you but I was not quick enough before it went back into the water. It was probably 40-50ft. long – bigger than Piko.

Something that was really odd was seeing a butterfly about 50 miles offshore.  I have a distinct sense that it did not belong there.  Hope it made it home.  That same day a moth landed on my nose.  Talk about getting lost!  Hope it didn’t end up in my sweaters.

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4 thoughts on “Creatures Among Us

  1. Alicia

    That video is incredible! I’m jealous – I’ve never seen one in person. Of any variety. Looks amazing! Miss you!

  2. Lauren Smith

    It was really incredible to see it. We were having a really tough morning – our battery was about to die and we were going to lose power and it was so hard to see with all the fog! Then out of nowhere, that entourage of dolphins came swimming towards us and escorted us! Miss you guys too 🙂

  3. nomadchica

    that video is sooooooooo cool!! 🙂

  4. Jess

    loved seeing the animal spirits guiding you in – seemingly playful and purposeful at the same time. this is one of many encounters to come i’m sure – what a wonderful way to connect with our big, beautiful world!

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