Last Day in Seattle

Well it’s been a whirlwind week and I can’t believe that our last day is here already!  The week started last Saturday with the sendoff party.  We had about 60-70 folks we got to say goodbye to.  The great thing was that we got to “see” all our friends.  The downside is that we didn’t actually get to “talk” to a lot of people.  I think Lauren B. and I got to finish maybe 2 conversations between 6pm and 11pm.

Most of our week was spent tying up loose ends such as:

  • Getting final vaccinations
  • Selling vehicles
  • Cancelling medical insurance
  • Cancelling other policies
  • Working a little
  • Tying up finances
  • Dealing with the house title

And also preparation tasks such as:

  • Testing the auto-pilot (which by the way, like Zoolander, cannot turn left – must fix this)
  • Checking the weather and wind off the Pacific Coast (looks like there’s not much wind off Washington right now.
  • Provisioning the boat – 1 Costco trip, 1 Safeway trip and 1 Trader Joes trip
  • Making a map of the boat
  • Determining the watch schedule (6’s and 4’s)

Well it’s two hours til departure so I better get off the computer and get ready!  We’ll post an update once we make it into SanFran.

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3 thoughts on “Last Day in Seattle

  1. I’d love to hear more about your watch schedule when you have some time.

    Fair winds!

  2. Sam


    Our best wishes go with you on your voyage.

    We’ve just drunk a toast to your safe and fantastic trip, and look forward to its chronicles here.

  3. Sorry I missed your marina party! Looked like a nice time. So you guys close to San fran? How are the high seas? Or are they not too high so close to the coast….Anyway, go piko go! Love to you guys!

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