Whittling Down the Clothing

Although it is not a life or death endeavor, the issue I am having some trouble with in preparation for our trip, is deciding what clothes/gear to bring with me and what to leave behind.  To put things in perspective, I currently have a walk-in closet full of clothes and about 25 pairs of shoes.

Since I wasn’t getting far on my own, I enlisted the experienced women who have done this before me, and to my surprise I got 2 very different answers!  One said that it’s all about technical fabric and the other said that she rarely wore her technical clothing and wished she had brought more sundresses on her trip.

Most of my online research has netted me some rules of thumb for various places we’ll be visiting (note that these rules only apply to women). There are many areas where it is prudent to wear shorts or skirts that fall below the knee, so as not to offend the locals.

So alas, I am back to square one.  Here is the list that I’ve come up with so far:

  • (1)  Set of foul-weather gear
  • (1)  Pair of hiking boots
  • (1)  Pair of boat shoes
  • (1)  Pair of hiking shorts/pants
  • (2)  Skirts
  • (2)  Shorts
  • (1)  Pair of jeans
  • (1)  Pair of long pants that are light-weight
  • (3)   Sundresses
  • (1)  Cover-up (for the beach – I burn very easily!)
  • (1)  Wide-brimmed hat
  • (2)  Bathing suits

If someone reading this has any suggestions – I’ll appreciate the advice!


Lauren S.

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6 thoughts on “Whittling Down the Clothing

  1. Are you leaving the rest of your clothing in storage or getting rid of it? If getting rid of it I would say to bring more clothing than that and get rid of things as you go – not making the decision until you figure out what you in particular wear. That’s what I am doing, although of course I got rid of suits etc, and that won’t work if you are storing things.

  2. Lauren Smith

    That’s a good point. I’m storing most of the items that I have left now (I’ve sold a bunch of clothes). I guess I really don’t have a good picture yet how much storage we actually have. We’ll be moving on the boat August first, so I’m hoping that we’ll get to take stuff off the boat first and see the space we’re working with.

  3. Michael Pack

    When is “cut the lines day”?

  4. dee battisti

    Hi you two. Your Dad just told me about this site. It’s so neat. How do I read former ones.? and is this the address that I would use for everyday email stuff? He said he a great time and went on the boat with you. That’s amazing because he and I feel the same about boats-wary!. He also said that Maddy is adjusting very well. I know you don’t have much time to answer this so I’ll just keep in touch thru this site. Lots of love to you both. Aunt Dee

    • Lauren Buchholz

      If you scroll down to the bottom of the site, you should see a link ‘older posts’ that show the earlier ones. The site is still somewhat boring since it is more about the boat and trip preparation, but soon you should see some white sandy beaches!

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