Weekend sail to Langley, WA

Lauren B. and I took a weekend cruise up to Langley, which is on the eastern side of Whidbey Island, and anchored out for a night.

On the way up Saturday we had an upwind leg with 8-10 knots of breeze most of the way.  What better time to test out the Hydrovane?  It worked reallly well – better than I expected.  However it was a bit flakier going downwind and I suspect that we’ll have to spend some time finessing it.

When we were about an hour out from Langley, we saw a couple of old ships in the distance.  As we got closer, Lauren B. pointed out that it was the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftan.  We turned around so that we could get closer to the action as they battled it out.

And for you movie-lovers out there – Lady Washington starred as the “Interceptor” in Pirates of the Caribbean.

When stayed in Langley overnight and then turned around and came home.  We had a steady 15kts of wind and were having so much fun driving that we didn’t give our new hydrovane a chance to show off his stuff the second day! (Yes, I’m convinced that our hydrovane is indeed a “he” – as he further reveals his personality we will bestow him with a name :))

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