The new prop

Well, the boat is back home from the yard.  I have two main things I wanted to do while the boat was out.  One being replacing the prop on the boat, and the other was pulling the last to both inspect the step and mast itself more thoroughly, and I wand to do some work at the masthead as well, which is much easier when you are not hanging from it.

First, when I repowered the boat last year, I bought a new three blade feathering prop for the boat.  Even though PYI is right down the street from me here in Seattle, after some research I decided to go with very similar prop made in Germany called the Vari-Profile.  This is basically the same in function as the second generation max prop, so it has adjustable forward AND reverse pitch.  The main advantage for me though, outside of the price being just slightly less, is the easy at which the prop can be installed and removed.  This is nice for me, since I plan on doing all the maintenance on the boat myself, and most of it for stuff below the waterline will be me free diving the boat.  Albeit you can install a max under water, there are a ton of parts you have to keep straight.  This prop had two main parts, a hub assembly that fits on the splined shaft of the saildrive and then the entire blade assembly that threads onto it.

This is the original prop after a year in the water.  You can clearly see the bell looking piece closest to the saildrive.  A few months back, I received a letter from Vari-prop that some part in the prop was not originally made to their specifications and they they would send a replacement if wanted.  They quickly shipped out a new version of the prop, which to me looked pretty much identical to what I already had.

When I hauled the boat, I noticed that two of the set screws that kept the prop from spinning on the hub were broken and that the prop wouldnt spin off.  After talking to the company, they told me there was yet another newer version of the prop that was much stronger that the original system and they offered to send me yet another new prop.  A few extra lay days in the yard later, a new prop came in via fedex.  IT was actually incredibly quick since it didn’t get reported to the company until Wednesday afternoon PST and the prop had to be made and shipped from Germany.

Here is the new one.  The new one has reversed the threading on the unit, so that if all the set screws fail, the prop will load onto the threads.  The old one only did that for a LH prop, but mine was a RH one.  Then again, even with two of the set screws damaged, it still stayed on.  They also doubled the amount of set screws to 6.

You can also see the pitch adjustment mechanism here.  The two smaller set screws are for locking the adjustment, and the two larger ones nearest the blade bases are what you dial to adjust the pitch.  This mechanism is infinitely adjustable as well, so you can really dial your prop in if you so desire.  I also learned that the new version is now Lloyds rated as well!

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One thought on “The new prop

  1. The Max Prop is a *pain* to take on and off. Then again, someone else paid for it 🙂

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