The mast is back in!

Just stopped down at the boat yard over lunch and the rig is back in the boat!  This was mostly to ease my mind abut the condition of the step itself, all of which looked good.  There was about 2″ of really nasty organics mystery material at the bottom of the mast though, with sprinkles pop rivet mandrels.  This also allowed me to install a masthead crane for an external spinnaker block and a new exit for said halyard so it is still internal, a wrap-stop block for the primary genoa halyard, a pair of folding steps at the top if I have to do more work up there in the future and some retro-reflective orange tape at the masthead to make it easier to spot at night.

After work I get to gross tune the rig and spar-tite the mast and collar.  More details and pictures later…

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One thought on “The mast is back in!

  1. Exciting! We’ll be going through some of that next Spring.

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