Thats not cool

While working on the boat late Monday night, I noticed that the beer in the fridge was not as cold as usual.  After checking the breaker, I went into the bowels of the boat and checked the fuses on the compressor itself.  The 15A was blown.  Not a big thing, until the replace immediately blew when I put it in the holder.

After having done a bunch of  research, it looks like the little brain of the compressor is fried.  Not a biggie as far as boat projects go, but then I heard about a few things I can do to make the fridge more energy efficient by dynamically changing the speed of the compressor.  Frigoboat does this on their units, but my Adler Barbour Super Cold Machine does not by stock.

It looks like there are two main options.  One is a directly replacement for the existing  unit pictured to the left, but with something called AEO.  Basically is has a small computer on it that varies the compressor speed according to the load on the unit.  I havn’t seen any hard and fast numbers on what kind of effecient gains to expect, but saying it is only a little more expensive that the manual one I have, that seems to make sense.

The other option is to replace the standard unit with another standard unit and then add the Frigoboat SSC to it.  That does the same thing, some say it is slightly more efficient, but it add a little control panel that shows you what is going on and give you the option to manually set the RPM as well as keep it in ‘auto-magical’ mode.

I am leaning towards the first option right now as the SSC is another $200 on top of the $200 is will take to replace the unit that fried, and outside of flashy lights, I am not sure if the SSC gains me much.

BTW, thank you Richard, at He has written one of the ‘bibles’ on marine refrigeration, and has a forum and is EXTREMELY helpful!  Now just to find the best deal on replacement parts before it gets warm!  Luckily the water is cold enough here as long as the beer is good, cool works well!  I guess no more PBR for awhile on the boat!

This also comes right at the time I am considering tearing up the galley and adding some real insulation to the icebox…

I also need to finish the post about our adventures cruising two weekends ago when the big wind storm came through the Pacific Northwest.  We were out on the same Friday that several masts were jettisoned and one boat sank during the southern straights regatta up in Vancouver.  We didn’t see anything over the low 40’s, but it was more wind than most of my crew had ever seen before.  Outside of a torn jib (it gave up the ghost about 3/4 of a mile from our destination), Piko did really well.  Lots of chop and confused water didn’t help much, and we found a few more leaks we have to deal with before we head offshore.  I was hoping to use the weekend as some test time with the new hydrovane, but that didn’t seem like the best time to test new gear!

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One thought on “Thats not cool

  1. We were just talking about when to tackle the fridge re-do last night. I think next Spring and we are also considering a full re-do of the box itself.

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