New Solar panels Arrive!

I just loaded to really large but thin boxes in my car from the loading dock at work.  These are hopefully going to provide a majority of our daily energy use on Piko.. Inside of them are two Kyocera KD135-GX-LPU panels, which when in full sun, should be putting something around 15 Amps into my batteries…  I already have installed a Morningstar SunSaver MPPT to control these, now just to get them mounted and hooked up!  More to come!

Here you can see the beginning of how I will mount these on the back of the boat.  Those white bars are just standard 6061 aluminum, and then I will mount a pair of rail mounts on each of those which will attach to the new stern pushput I built a few weeks back.

These panels use the new MC4 connector, which is a water-tight, locking connector, which is good.  The bad part is that you void the warranty on the panel of you cut off the ends, so you are forced to buy some short extension cables and cut those.  Those will then get connected to some bulkhead mounted trolling motor connectors which then run to the larger wire going to the controller.  They are also keyed, so you can’t connect them wrong, and in my case, will just be using 2 of the 3 connectors.   My starboard side run is about 10 feet, so I went with 8 gauge wire to keep my voltage drop as low as possible, and there are very few connectors that will take wire that large.

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2 thoughts on “New Solar panels Arrive!

  1. Nice!

    Did you order from a Seattle company or have it shipped? We’re looking for the best price for a single Kyocera 215W.

    • Lauren Buchholz

      Nope, I priced around here and nobody was really competitive. I don’t think the NW sells enough to keep the volume high enough. I ended up getting mine from Arizona Wind-Sun and am happy, they had the best prices, actually responded to questions I sent them via email and they shipped the next day.

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